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Is there a point to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’s curved screen?

However before you go dreaming up all the ways in which this dual-edged screen could benefit you, it’s been reported by that these edges might not be all that useful after all.  As we’ve seen with the recently leaked images of the Galaxy S6 Edge, the side screens aren’t as sloped or as long as the one found on the Galaxy Note Edge.  The size of sides matter  According to the Korean website, “the size of the [Galaxy S6 Edge] is smaller than the Galaxy Note Edge. So, it was presumably difficult to enlarge its dual-edge screen. I think that there will be no message alarm or information storage functions owing the narrowed screen.”  Where the Galaxy Note Edge displayed notifications, controls, app shortcuts and more along its side screen, it looks like the side screens of the Galaxy S6 Edge will be reduced in functionality, mainly in part due to their smaller sizes.  If true then this will be a disappointment. Hopefully we’ll get a better idea of what the curved screen will be used for if Samsung shows off the Galaxy S6 Edge alongside the Galaxy S6 at its event on March 1.

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